The 4 celebrities made from the grass roots, inspires me.

Hello dear readers, how are you doing? " Ngo'mbe wa masikini hazai " have so far been a common in the streets. But this is misleading and outdated saying, the truth is, there so many rich people, great musicians, models, lawyers, leaders ( C.E.Os), politician plus so many others who made it from GRASS ROOTS . Great things have humble beginnings, believe me.
       Diamond (Artist -Singer) , Zembwela (Presenter & actor), Martin Kadinda (Designer), and Milady Ayo (Presenter)  have been teaching us a lots from from radio, newspaper, TV interviews. That's the obstacles they encounter on their ladder to success " Never give up , Never say Never " is the greatest lesson I have learnt whenever I see them.
       The question is, who in your life do inspire you? Remember " You can't be a reference without a reference " When I listen the song "I Believe I can Fly by R.Kelly, I feel that I have got wings already and I feel that nothing can stop me.
         What do you think?